About We Love Life Diabetes

We Love Life Diabetes is an award winning community led platform and digital self care toolkit which aims to help people to live well with diabetes.

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Our Platform is designed to support us to feel better informed, more connected and more confident to take control of our condition.

We believe digital should always be interlinked with offline community and partnership engagement.

Following winning a University of Sheffield social innovation hub award and receiving an Unltd start-up grant we are currently building our platform, partnerships and organisation. We are using a digital process called Agile to develop our platform and have begun user testing our MVP (first stage of platform development).

Please do get in touch if you are interested in getting involved as a community member or working in partnership with us.

We are looking for more advisory board members, champions to help us test and build the platform, NHS and locality partners and organisations who provide great services and products (including education and apps) for people with diabetes.

Integrity, openness and trust are part of our core values. It is for this reason we are setting up a community member led advisory board and we have a mission lock within our governance.

We are a social enterprise company limited by shares which means that 50% of the profits returns to the social aims of the business. We chose this governance structure as we believe the organisation and therefore it’s community members will benefit from engaged equity investment as it grows.

With regards to data and privacy, we will only use the information you provide us in the contact sheet below to communicate with you, we will not forward your details to any third parties. We do not intend to sell data as our business model although we will use it collectively to build knowledge on the scale and impact of our approach. This is to help us to continue to improve and to prove to the NHS and others that together we are making a difference.


If you would like to find out more please complete the contact form